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This is the personal website of xix xeaon. One might say it's the official one! It exists for various different reasons. The primary one is probably simply to allow xix to release his thoughts into the world, even though no one recieves them. He tries really hard to not turn this thing into a blog though. xix doesn't really like blogs.

The secondary purpose for this website would be for xix to access simple tools and other resources he's collected in one place. Additionally, xix simply likes to make things which are interesting and/or useful, even if they already exist and there isn't actually much reason to.


It's certainly possible to contact xix xeaon in various ways, but it's possibly not certain that you will recieve a response. Nevertheless, if you feel the need for it, your best option is to try this email address:

Special Thanks

Credit where credit is due, don't you think?