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Unique Problemsolver Just For You!


You don't have to think - xix can do it for you!

Do you also agree it's hard to think too much?

- well now you won't have to!

randomDev proudly present a completely new and revolutionary product which can take care of all of your problems!

xix - problemsolver and best friend in one!

Don't know what ISP to pick?  - Ask xix!

Got your computer full of viruses?  - No problem for xix!

Or do you simply need someone to talk to.  In either case, xix is there for you!

User Testimonials:

"No, no, ooh, uuh, yes, yes, oohh!  OOOHHH!...  Wow.."

"You are, by far, the most amazing person ever!"

Xix is an advanced problemsolver and can efficiently solve all your problems.  With a big and quick memory xix can even learn to solve all types of problems.  Additionally, xix can also automatically solve problems you didn't even know about!

Xix can detect that you're taking the long way around and can instantly figure out a cheaper or faster way to your destination and save both money and time for you!

Of course, xix comes in many different cloths and colors and you can easily change for different occasions.  Xix has also been fitted with the advance capability to adjust to the environment around it.  It won't take long before xix complete blends into your presence.

Xix is easily operated and, according to, extremely cost-efficient.  We here at randomDev care about the environment, which is why we made xix mostly out of natural water!
Order now and you'll also get the module Pleasure 2000 free of charge!