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Serious About Gender Equality


I don't like feminists. The reason for this is quite simple; they're not arguing for equality. If they were, they wouldn't be called feminists – they'd be called equalitists. Feminism only serves to solidify the idea that there are two distinctly different groups in our society and the gap between them grows.

Feminists think that women are treated unfairly by men and I can see their point. My point however, is that men are Also treated unfairly by women. As well as women are treated unfairly by other women and men are treated unfairly by other men. Simply put, people treat each other unfairly.

The only way to improve our society is to work on the actual problems and not be distracted by a battle of genders. In order to come together and start treating each other fairly we must marginalize our irrelevant differences. The difference of gender must become like the difference of hair color – only one of many insignificant differences that together form an individual.

Equality is not about everyone being exactly the same, it's about not having double standards. It's about treating people differently but only according to relevant differences. Two people who do the same job get the same pay, no matter what gender they are. Women can be firemen if they're qualified, same as men. And men can like children without being pedophiles, same as women.

But be warned! Although equality is desirable for all of society – it will not come easy. Ask yourself if you're really ready for it. Would you be okay with homosexuals raising children? Would you share the locker room and shower with the other sex? Your kids too. But separating the genders is just as sexist as "back of the bus" is racist.

If you're really serious about gender equality you must accept that society would have to more or less abandon the distinction between male and female. Take your time to consider what that would mean.