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Privacy: You Must Be Doing Something Bad


"Only bad people doing bad things require privacy!" in the debates of privacy vs security, privacy vs customer service, etc we're constantly told this.  "If you've got nothing to hide you don't mind having your privacy violated, and if you do have something to hide you're doing something you shouldn't!"

The fact of the matter is, people Are doing bad things and they need their privacy to hide it.  However, these "bad" things they're doing don't actually hurt anyone.  And if there are laws against doing things that doesn't hurt anyone then they need to be removed.

The reason people do these bad things is because they like it and they do it with other people who also like it.  Or they simply have to because of a medical condition.  The only reason these things are bad is because the majority of a community doesn't like them and think that simply knowing that someone else is doing it hurts them deeply.

People who are homosexuals, atheists, utilitarians, communists, anarchists, ex-convicts, teens having sex.  People with personality disorders, aids, alternative styles, conspiracy theories.  People who don't want children or social networks.  People who want to be fucked by dogs, sell their bodies or smoke pot.  People who want privacy.

Even though it's completely unrelated, all of those things, that doesn't hurt anyone else, can easily get you turned down and kicked out from school, work, sport and all other social groups.  I'd like to live in a world were people didn't have to hide parts of themselves but there is no such world.  Perhaps there never will be.

Maybe some day in the future humans will have matured enough to truly accept that people are different and that that's okay, and that we can learn from our differences.  We seem to be heading in the right direction.  Blacks aren't slaves anymore, women have got rights and homosexuality is slowly being accepted.  But these are just symptoms, the core problem is not being addressed and I fear it never will be.

There will always be yet an other minority.  How many times will we have to go through the sequence of not knowing, finding out, assuming it's bad, punishing to correct, fighting against it, seeing it grow in numbers, punishing more, fighting more and then finally admitting that the problem will not go away, letting them do their bad thing in secret, slowly giving them rights to do it but still hating them for the rest of our lives and teaching our children to do the same.

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