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How To Lose Weight And Get Healthy


Losing weight can be really hard but if you follow these steps it will be easy.  You'll be able to lose lots of weight - and very quickly.  It's important to see your progress to help motivate you to keep going, but keep in mind: it probably took months to gain all that weight - it's going to take some time to get rid of it all too.

We recommend you weigh yourself regularly, every monday morning for instance.  You can weigh yourself every day too but unless your scale is very detailed you might not See the progress until after a few days.  When you start working on your weight, you need to work at least a week on it to get going and see definitive progress.  And you need to start now.  If you put it off, you will never lose weight.  So start following these simple steps right away!

Losing weight and being healthy go hand in hand and so we'll be looking at improving your health too, which will make you feel and do better in various ways.

Cut Your Meals In Half 

One of the best ways to start losing weight is to cut all your meals in half.  We've been trained for thousands of years to eat as much as we can whenever there's food and build up fat so we can survive when food is scarce.  But food is never scarce anymore.

Once your body has had enough food it will signal your brain to stop eating, but it can take as much as 20 minutes before the signal gets through.  This is why we always eat more than we actually need.

By cutting your meals in half you can prevent yourself from eating too much.  If you ever get the feeling "oh I'm so full", that means you've eaten way more than you should've.  The great thing about cutting your meals in half is that if you get hungry later, it's perfectly fine to eat more.

Because of how our bodies work, even if you eat too much, you'll probably get hungry or "snackish" after a while anyway.  It's much easier to lose weight if you eat often but only a little and it's much healthier too!

Here's a more in-deepth article on counting calories.

Fructose Is Extremely Bad For You 

High fructose corn syrup, glucose-fructose, sucrose, etc.  It's called many different things because of the various ways of producing and combining it with other things.  It's also a way of confusing consumers.  However, it is poison.

Fructose is similar to alcohol but there's no buzz.  That's because most of the body can not process it.  Instead, almost all of it is always turned into fat.  Unlike normal sugar (glucose) where 80% can be used by the body instead of becoming fat.

The reason why it's increasingly being called a poison is that it's finally being recognized that it does damage to your body.  It's now been shown that fructose causes metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, liver problems, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Fructose prevents your brain from being informed that you've had enough food which is why it's one of the leading causes of obesity.  That's also part of the reason why it's being put into so many different foods – to make you eat more.  Fructose is also cheaper than sugar and sweeter.

Fructose is found in almost all sweet drinks and in many many other things, like ketchup and bread for instance.  In the US, fructose is put in basically every single thing you can eat or drink but there are some companies that specialize in healthier food.

No More Soft Drinks 

One of the biggest reasons people become overweight is actually that they Drink too many calories.  Soft drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks, etc all contain a substantial amount of calories.  Cutting down on soft drinks especially has been shown to have a significant weightless effect.

Soft drinks and juices contain large amounts of calories from all the sweetening products that are put into them.  Alcohol is actually used as a nutrient by our bodies and is as such full of calories in of itself.

The problem with these drinks is not just all the calories they contain but also that they're liquids.  Our brain thinks that we're just drinking very good tasting water, and water is something we need a lot of.  Water also doesn't contain any calories.

You've probably caught yourself drinking your stomach full while waiting for food to be served.  Unlike food, which needs to be chewed before swallowed, we can drink a lot more and faster.  And when our drinks have so much sugar in them, it's not strange that we gain weight easily.

Also, soft drinks (and other sweet drinks) contain huge amounts of a sugar substitute called fructose which is extremely bad for you in several different ways.

Pick Your Food 

Some things are simply too expensive to be worth how good they are.  In the same way: some food simply has too many calories in it to be worth how good it tastes.  Buy low fat, low sugar, low calorie food.  Never ever buy any food with more than 350 calories per 100g, or 100 calories per oz, and try to keep as much as possible under 250 cal/100g, or 70 cal/oz.  Replace some of everything you eat with fruits, vegetables, yogurt and all kinds of low calorie sauces.  Take away some meat or other food and replace it's weight with vegetables or with a low calorie sauces to keep the amount of food high but reduce the number of calories in it.

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An Hour Sweat A Day 

Exercise is extremely good for both losing weight and getting healthy as well as in shape.  It's important to note that it doesn't really matter what you do, anything that gets you sweating is good for you.  But how hard or intense workouts are does not make them better.  What's important is to exercise often and for a longer time.

Find something that makes you sweat and you like enough that you can do it for an hour every day.  Walking/running/biking are very good and easy workouts that anyone can do every day.  You can also find a sport or any other physical activity.  And you can of course switch back and forth, but get yourself sweating a whole hour every day and you'll see how you'll improve your life and yourself in so many ways.

There are many casual ways of losing weight.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Walk or bike instead of driving.  You should incorporate these into your new lifestyle and not be lazy because it's more convenient.  You need to think about your life differently - you won't be able to lose weight if you get into your car for every little thing.

Other Tricks 

Get some great music that keeps you going while exercising.  It can make a cold walk in bad weather feel really good and the better you feel about your exercise the more you'll do it.  And build muscle, it's more expensive for the body to build and maintain so you'll increase your metabolic rate even when you're not exercising.  Spicy food also increases your metabolic rate and helps you eat slower.

Eat slowly, chew and swallow each little bite completely before taking an other.  And eat before you go shopping.  This will save you from getting the need to eat certain things, and will also save you money

Don't eat "weightloss" bars - they're extremely high in calories.  Eating just a few is enough calories for the whole day but you'll still feel like you haven't eaten much because they're small.  And of course there's not much satisfaction from eating them and it will make you look for other things to eat.  For the same reason you should stay away from any kind of protein supplement.